Sabore's Well has been started to provide a fresh water source to the Maasai community in the Ewaso Nyiro and Narok region of Kenya.


Her name is Bridget Meaney and she was a senior at Castilleja Highschool in Palo Alto, CA. In January 2010 during Castilleja's Global Week, she heard Sabore's presentation and was moved by his talk and saddened because of his description of the plight of the Maasai women. She asked if she could help or contribute and then reached out and handed me our first crumpled up $15.00. That's what started this whole project - the gift from a 17 year old. Bridget is now a sophomore at Duke University. She was home during the Christmas break and had scheduled a visit with one of her teacher's at Castilleja. We stayed around campus to meet her and let her know that her initial $15.00 has turned into $35,000!!! Just to show you how special she is - she handed us another $20.00 contribution during our chat.

Water is a very important resource and one that should be made available in a clean healthy state. Women have to walk so far for the water, they leave their children unattended or being watched by other children for far to long a period of time, it is back breaking and painful work for these women and many age rapidly because of this. It will also prevent water borne diseases that can lead to early deaths for the children. It prevents clashes with wild animals. And most importantly it will allow young girls the chance to attend school.

The women and girls in the Ewaso Nyiro region of Kenya have to walk 6-8 miles one-way to collect water from the river. The same water that is used for washing clothes and bathing. The same water where the domestic animals drink and the wild animals imbibe. The water is full of contaminates and creates many health issues for both humans and animals.

Sabore's goal

My goal is to build 2 wells in the Ewaso Nyiro region which will allow for clean drinking water for the nearly 9,000 residents. It will also provide fresh water for the numerous livestock and prevent the potential clash with wild animals.

Because fetching water consumes most of their day, many girls don't have the opportunity to attend school. These wells will also free up the young girls time and allow them to get an education.

Unsafe drinking water is the world's leading cause of sickness and death. Yet it is a simple problem for us to solve. Just $30 provides one person with a lifetime of safe drinking water. As part of "Team Blue," I have dedicated a significant amount of time and energy towards creating access to safe drinking water for the billion people in need around the world and more specifically for the Ewaso Nyiro, Kenya community.